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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Tom2585, Jun 11, 2017.

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    Jun 11, 2017
    Hello - We have been rising chickens for years with no issues. Recently (about 4 months ago) we got 4 Pekin ducks. Unfortunately one of them has issues with his legs. They turn in really bad and now he can hardly walk. At this point we carry him from place to place. Bath him in the afternoon, and then carry him from the pond to the food area. Feed him and then at dusk carry him into the hen house and put him down with the other ducks and chickens. Needless to say this is becoming quite a daily task. I think to some degree we are spoiling him because now he doesn’t want to walk anywhere and just waits for us to pick him up.

    Now I know some of you must be thinking its time for a duck dinner, but we don’t eat our birds. We do enjoy the fresh eggs - but all of our birds live out their days, even if they stop producing eggs. So we are at a crossroads - while we love our birds and this little duck - we cannot continue to care for this handicapped duck and were wondering if anyone knew of a pekin duck rescue or a place where he would be cared for? We live in the Lehigh Valley area.

    Thanks - Tom
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    I am so sorry, that is a real challenge. There are some organizations out there. I think your best bet is to go to petfinder.com and search for ducks like you are going to adopt one, but instead, find the names of the organizations and call them. They might not take him due to his handicap. I understand as I would not kill any of my birds either. As he can still swim, maybe you could create a habitat that would work for him. Best of luck!
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    Ducks need niacin....She can help...

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