Handmade Orchard Mason Bee House - Large - Reclaimed Untreated Wood


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Aug 4, 2008
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This large sized mason bee house stands 14 1/4"" tall and 6" wide. It has been handmade from reclaimed untreated pine. It was made to the suggested specks set forth by NC State University's Agricultural Department. Holes are 4" deep in these homes, done with a 5/16" bit and are 3/4" apart from center. 105 holes total. Backs are wired for hanging.

An attached roof has an inch overhang to help keep rain and sun from beating down on the holes. This is the only painted part of the house to protect the roof from wear and tear. The rest of the house will only get better for the bees with age and weathering.

About Orchard Mason Bees -
They chose to live in old wood, they are more comfortable in weathers wood that has already been aged, then in freshly cut wood. The holes in the houses for them should be 4"-6" deep and 5/16" around. These bees pack the holes with mud for their young's protection and for warmth in winter. So keep there homes near a water source. (Such as pond, pool or bird bath.)

Supply Mason bees with a great home and they will stay around year after year to pollinate your garden and trees at a much better rate then honey bees do, and with much less maintenance.

**Because these are made from reclaimed wood, there is natural wear and tear from weathering, some cracks and chipping. These are not defects but are naturally there and they are left there to add to the charm that attracts these amazing bees.**

Shipping = Price is WORST case scenario. Just ask me for your price and give me your zip code and I will give you your actual shipping price! (Because California and Virginia will not be the same cost)


Custom orders and sizes are available. Would you like a different color paint? Prefer the roof stained? Just contact me with your needs!

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