Hanging belly


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Hello I have an american buff i think, and she was adopted almost a year ago(a neighbor found her in her yard and animal control said i can keep her) she lives with my chickens at night and free ranges in our acre yard. Back is pasture but spends most of her time in the front yard where all the grass is. she is really friendly and lately we found that between her legs, where her belly used to be full and round, it looks like its hanging there and her legs have made an indent. she eats the grass and we feed her bread and alot of produce and she has a good access to chicken laying crumble of 18% protien. does she need something else or is that normal for this time of year before spring? will it fill out once laying season comes?Other than her hanging belly she looks really healthy. this is my first goose and planning on getting more in the spring.
Lots of geese have this, it's ok.
heres some of mine in the background of the photo
perfectly normal. In spring there belly drops between there legs (egg production) and late summer fall it shrinks (best terminology) not to worry. As far as the bread goes, as long as you are not feeding her tons of it she should be fine. With plenty of pasture during the day and feed when she wants or needs it things are good! Enjoy your goose!
thanx, no she doesn't get alot, some more than others. she can go a week or more without it then all of a sudden the kids are going crazy with it. Besides grass and laying crumbles what else should she be eating?

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