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  1. Terry52hunting

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    May 9, 2009
    we are just beginning to enjoy our hen's egg production. We are getting about 12 a day. They are great with one exception. We can't peel the hard boiled eggs. It is almost impossible to get the shell separated from the whites. Any ideas?
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    Fresh eggs don't peel when boiled. you have to let them "age" a while, which allows the membrane inside to separate somewhat from the shell. I have a friend who never gets her eggs to peel, even if she holds them for weeks. She buys store bought eggs for boiling.
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    There are as many ways as there are members of BYC. If you do a search for "hard boiled eggs", in the search box top right, you'll have more than you ever wanted to know!

    [​IMG] Lots of interesting stories!

    ETA, [​IMG]
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    there is a thread on here that tells you how to do it exactly. it actually works!..

    What you basically do is..get salted water to a rolling boil..
    gently add eggs... cook till done. (remember..add eggs to boiling water..)
    rinse immediatley in cold..cold water....just keep letting the cold water run over them.. they should peel pretty easy!
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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Chickenchick helped me with this one and I loove her

    bring water to boil
    slowly add eggs
    time them for 14 minutes
    rinse in ice cold water till cool
    immediately peel
    walah!! awesome hard boiled eggs that have some white left on them and not all in those tiny egg tidbits!!!
  7. steve45

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    Jan 21, 2012
    I just joined, my wife boiled our eggs and they tore up peeling them.
    She blamed me for adding oyster shells to their feed.
    I came here because I feel unjustly charged with egg destruction.I tried the salt water boiling and rolling them in the pan, it worked perfectly.
    The salt increases and holds the temperature of the water, then you have to carefully peel the shell with the membrane away from the egg.
    I say carefully because she gets aggressive and starts tearing at the egg, they really peeled easily.
    the shells need to be broken up into smaller pieces but not totally shattered.
  8. nurse_turtle

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    I boil day fresh eggs frequently. Add a generous amount of salt to the water. I bring it to near boiling and add the eggs. 15 minutes. I pour as much of the hot water out of the pot as I can while keeping the eggs in the pot. I take it over to the fridge and add enough ice to cover the eggs. Then I take pot and all and peel while watching TV. Perfect peel every time.[​IMG]

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