Hard chest, green diarrhea, lethargic

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    Sep 25, 2017
    Martha is my 9mo Golden Laced Polish. She is laying, but has not laid in 2-3 days.. she always lays every other day. Her chest is extremely swollen, to the point where I can’t even feel a crop on the right side of her chest. It’s all just huge feeling. Really firm. When she squaks at me, only air comes out. No voice, like her airway is obstructed from the swelling. No sneezing, no drainage. She is still trying to eat, still trying to drink. I’ve tried to empty her crop, nothing but food came out and it was normal colored. She’s acting weird. Laying around a bunch on the ground. I’m guessing it’s impacted crop. I’ve added ACV to water and also given her olive oil and massaged her crop. Any ideas on how to treat?! :(

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    I'm sorry this is happening. I wish I knew some more things for you to try but you've done pretty much everything. All I can think of is to massage more, try more oil, you could try coconut oil instead and see if that helps.
    The poo makes me thing of coccidiosis, I know that really slows their digestive system down. When my chickens had coccidiosis their crops didn't empty over night for about 3 nights in a row, but they managed to survive. So only other thing I can suggest is to treat her for coccidiosis because I can't think of any other reason why this has happened.
    I'm sorry, I hope she recovers
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    Dec 7, 2017
    Such a gorgeous girl. please let me know how it goes
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    Are you able to get a fecal sample tested? Can you isolate her overnight, withhold food and recheck her crop in the morning? If it’s still full, you’ll want to treat further for impacted crop, and if you can get a fecal sample tested, you may have a better idea of what’s going on (possibly coccidiocis or worms?). Best wishes to you & your girl!
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    It sounds like she has an impacted very large crop, since it is firm. Can you take her to a vet for assistance? Sometimes they may eat long grasses that get blocked up in there. If not treated they may starve, since nothing gets through. That could cause the green runny poop. Do you provide granite grit to aid them in digesting grass and foods other than chicken feed? I would place her in a crate for isolation, and give her no food, but water with electrolytes and vitamins. Then read as much as you can on impacted crop treatment. TwoCrows has a good article here on BYC, and TheChickenChick has good advice if you Google “impacted crop.”
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    Hope you get resolved! Such a beautiful girl I'm gonna have to get one!
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    Here's a surgical removal on impacted crop. I think it's important to visualize just how much can be crammed in there. There are other videos where kids are actually doing the surgery. The chicken seems calm.

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