Has anyone ever drained an egg and paint it WHY don't we all try?

Chicken Charlotte

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Jun 7, 2010
I thought it would be fun because alot of us have way to many eggs

Make sure you post pics of them when your Finnished TELL ME IF UR IN?
I do a Ukrainian egg dying process called "pysanky". It's done with layers of wax alternating with dipping the egg in different colored dyes. I usually make them as Christmas ornaments and give them to family and friends during the holidays, but I've done them for Easter and other occasions too. I've added a couple pics below.

I like to take pics of the finished eggs because most of them I don't keep. Here are some past Christmas ornaments:

Here are some that are still in progress:

A link to a beginner's kit for anyone who might be interested:
Just checked out Miss Prissy's eggs - beautiful! I'd love to know what kind of paint she uses. Are you out there Miss Prissy?
You have a great tallent!

Thanks! Years ago, when I quit smoking, I had to find something to occupy my hands - this definitely helped!
Wow -- blefky -- impressive! I tried pysanka and it was a dismal failure. I just don't have the steady hand needed, and I found it gave me headaches. I still have all the dyes and kistky and wax and I'm going to let the kids mess around with it for Easter this year -- who knows, maybe one of them will have a knack for it!

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