Has anyone made an auto turner?


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Mar 2, 2008
from scratch?

I'm curious as to how it was done
What type of bator do you have? There are many ways to make an automatic turner or a very simple manual turner. I would need to know more about your set-up to suggest the best option.
I made my last incubator to fit a commercial auto-turner.

I was thinking about the next one, and wondering what others had done for different styles..

The Hovabotor autoturners are decent, and relatively cheap. I could simply use say 3 of them in a cabinet, but wanted something more elegant.

I could also buy the autoturner parts from GQF for a Sportsman, but was wondering what motor they used, because I can make my own.

Nice one! I should start building mines! Haha.
Wonderful design and idea. So proud of you! : )

For everyone else,

In regards to MAKING an auto turner, the turner might not be the issue but how are you going about to "making" the egg racks? It has to be the right shape, size, etc. It can't be wood because wood might have "hot spots" gained from the heat and thus, be over what your thermometer might read out...

If you have to end up using the egg racks...mind as well just buy the whole thing already...know what I mean?

Kind regards,

- Tommy
My husband just made me a complete set of racks and used the turner frame I already had..mine had some missing. Took about an hour to do them all and was free...we build and have all kinds of fun stuff around.Wood can breed bacteria which isn't good in an incubator so we used PVC . It works great so now when we finish my big cabinet(he loves me lots and likes chickens to) he knows how to do my turners cheap.
you could start with something like this https://www.surpluscenter.com/item.asp?UID=2009101614582751&item=5-1587&catname=electric and play with your voltage to vary the speed.

You could also go with something like thishttp://www.solarbotics.com/products/gm21/ and then add thesehttp://www.solarbotics.com/products/51500/ to have a continuous turning motor at a super low rpm.

Either motor will respond to changes in the dc voltage, but only to a point. To much or to little will result in burning out the little electric motor. You can also use a pulse wave modulator that runs the correct voltage but sends it out in pulses so as to not harm the motor, but will reduce/increase the speed at which it turns.
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