has anyone made any tractor resembling a "shelter logic" thingy?

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    hubby and i constructed to what looks like as of right now a shelter logic type thing for our meat chickens( and later re adapted possibly for short time grow out type housing in warmer months..)

    it is 10x10 and It is in the driveway right now, i still need to fasted down the tarp all the way and put more piping in for the doorway and maybe adding another crossmember down the length of it in the middle. im making one and once i get that down, ill know how to make another one( i started with 100 meaties 10 days ago so ill need anotehr one in a few weeks)

    I would like advice from anyone who has done something similar. we HAVE glued the pieces of conduit together but i would like less sway( from what ive seen just tugging on it) when its going to be drug over the lawn.


    ps.. this is what i mean by a shelter logic thingy lol

    it mimics the shape(this sells for $500) so far mine costs about $60 witht he best quality tarp i could find [​IMG]

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    What kind of wire are you using?
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    How will it do shedding snow?
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    It sounds like a turkey tractor, aka hoop house. I have one, it works really well. You use cattle panels (or similar heavy-wire panels), make the base frame (mine is 8x8), attach the panel to one side, loop over and attach to the other side, cover with wire, put the tarp on, make a door and you're pretty much done. I covered mine all but the front last winter with tarps and it worked really well. I had a large plastic doghouse in it for the silkies to sleep in. I'll see if I can find the pics [​IMG]

    ETA pics:

    I thought I had more pics, but I guess this is it.
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