Has anyone tried the OPI gel nail polish, yet?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Rare Feathers Farm, May 22, 2012.

  1. I saw this advertised and was interested...they said "coming to a salon near you." However, the one here said no--it's not and they have no plans to use it... :(

    I found a bunch of bottles on eBay.....but didn't want to spend $15 on a bottle of nail polish before I knew if it worked, or not.

    Have you tried it? If so, does it work? Does it last? Is it easy to apply? Is it worth the price?

    I used to have acrylic nails and then I switched to gel. I have them as short as I can get them because I'm always outside and working in the yard...but I can't seem to keep my real nails around (let alone the paint on them) unless they are fake. Right now, I spend about $50/month (plus tip) on gel nails (for the fills). Since I'm looking at ways to cut back, I thought maybe this gel stuff that I could do myself might work on my hard-to-grow & even harder-to-keep painted nails.
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    OPI is a good brand..the polish stays on well. I keep solars on my nails. I tried the gel one time..the sort of rubbery feeling it had made me crazy picking at it. I just couldn't leave it alone.
  3. Yeah, I might have to wait until the prices come down a little and then buy a bottle. I had the solars for years.
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    If it's jel it would require a UV light system to set/cure it. Do you have one of those? The polish would likely be useless without it.
    I use the CND shallac and the undercoat sits under the lights for 10 seconds, each coat of polish for 120 seconds and the overcoat for 10.
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    Oh take it outside and let it air dry. All natural UV light you could ever want to cure your nails!
  6. Well, the whole gel system comes with the UV light & a couple polishes, a DVD and stuff....they are about $100 on eBay. Or about a month + a week or two of getting my nails done at the salon.

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