has my hatch gone wrong???

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    Nov 3, 2009
    I put 20 various eggs including 4 quail on march 17. So I was planning on seeing hatches Easter weekend. 1 small chick hatched , and 1 quail. I know that they were all good to go , but I have waited and no more have hatched. I removed 2 eggs , one chick was fully grown but didn't pip from the egg and had no life signs. The other egg the chick was still attached to a large yolk sac. the rest of the eggs are still in the incubator. we realized that about a week before our hatch date while at work we had a 5 hour power outage, but never thought about it till yesterday. Should I leave them for a couple of more days or just remove them and start again??
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    Aug 8, 2011
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    I would leave them in, if your power went out for a while i think a couple hours is ok.

    with the power going out it might have set your hatch back, give it some time. JMO though

    Good luck.
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    It wouldn't hurt to wait a few more days. I hope that you have more hatches!

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