Has this ever happened to anyone else??


Mar 13, 2017
North Mississippi
I was just trying to get some chicken feed and oyster shell at TSC yesterday. As I was headed out the door, these 4 little red sex links must’ve snuck in my cart. :confused:


All I can say is God bless whoever invented the MHP brooder idea. We’ve had a cold snap here in NorCal with days in the 40s and nights in the teen-20’s. This is my first bunch I’m brooding outside and they are THRIVING!! Chicks are soooo much more fun when they’re outside! ;)

Ok now for pics.


How I managed to only get 4....who knows. My will power was especially strong that day. Even hubby commented, “You only got four??” :)
I got these 4 little babies to ease the sadness of losing one of my 6 month old Barred Rocks Friday evening unexpectedly. I’m suspecting heart failure was the cause. I may get a few more if they get any PBR pullets in this week.

Welcome home babies!!:love
:droolI am the same way. I don't think when I go into Ace to get my new Polish chicks in a couple weeks if I will be able to resist the other varieties of bantams. Oh those delicious, cute little peepers! Sebrights, Cochins, help me escape if there is any Silkies. I'll end up wanting 5 each!!
I’m struggling this year with chick season. <sigh> Big empty coop, great run, brooder folded up and waiting, Mama Heating Pad frame idle for the first time in years, two heating pads longing to shelter chicks instead of warming old bones, and I can’t do a thing about it. Cute pics!

:hugs awww Blooie. I understand.:hugs

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