Hatchery and Gene Defaults

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Sorry I removed the origanal content of this post because it was not very nice. I am not going to slander a hatchery online because it is wrong to tell tales out of school. I am reputable show-bird breeder with 15 years experiance and am not going to throw stones into a glass house and expect to not get cut. Sorry!
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    Hatchery quality. That's what you get when you order from a hatchery.

    If you want birds that look like the description in the standard, go to a breeder.
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    Most hatcheries will put the chick in the box as long as its still alive. They do not check them for correct comb, leg color, number of toes, crooked beak. They check to make sure that they are coming out of the correct bin. And the customer has to deal with the imperfect chicks. If thats not for you, Buy from a reputable breeder with good stock, who can provide pictures of the actual breeders and what they represent. I would rather buy and have eggs shipped 5 times, than to buy hatchery chicks.
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    People who buy from hatcheries are the same people who will buy a puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. Ya get what you pay for.

    I just wish people would look into the conditions the chicks from hatcheries are subjected to and the conditions the breeder chickens that lay the eggs for hatcheries are kept in. It'll make ya sick. [​IMG]

    Any time you have over crowded, mass produced animals, without an ounce of caring for the animal... that's cruelty in my book.

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