Hatchery in Leland, NC?


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Apr 23, 2013
I ordered 2 started hens from MPC and they just shipped from Leland, NC. Any idea what hatchery that may be? A google search isn't get me anywhere!
I work in leland and there isn't much of anything there let alone a hatchery. I had to find a breeder on Craigslist for my silkies. If you do find out where it is in leland pls let me know cause on MPC I need to order a min of 8 chicks to ship to leland. Kinda weird esp if they are shipping from leland
Hmm. Well, they just arrived in my city so we should be picking them up in the morning. If it happens to say where they came from on the box, I will let you know!
On the shipping label, the address it came from is:

1120 George II Hwy SE
Boliva, NC

Phone: 910-253-4247

A quick search didn't really show much, so we are thinking that they must do this on the side.

And here are our birds:

Anyone have contact information or a way to order directly from them? I'd love to get some NC chicks. I'm in the Piedmont and it'd be so much healthier for them to have a shorter ride.

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