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9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
I am somewhat disappointed in the assortment I received from the hatchery I have been doing business with.

First of all, we had a shipping problem that caused me to have to drive 40 miles in rush hour on a Friday afternoon to rescue my chicks. Turns out, the hatchery stopped shipping their own chicks, and a third party hatchery shipped them.

They have a special breed that I wanted, a 'super egg machine'. I asked for 5 pullets plus a cockrel. One of them died in shipping, 2 are cockrels, and they are not the same breed they sent me last time. They are developing totally differently.

I got black cochins. This is supposed to be a Rainbow heavy layer assortment. I was under the impression that Cochins were not considered a heavy layer. I got 2 ameraucanas. Again, supposed to be a rainbow assortment of 25, plus the special ones I ordered.

I don't know, maybe I am just soured on them because of the shipping problem and the fact that they didn't tell me they were no longer mailing their own chicks. I order them from an in state hatchery to make the trip easier on the chicks, and this other hatchery was like 800 miles away.

Change hatcheries?
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A group of us ordered from Welp in Iowa a few weeks ago. We had 47 total chicks, 30 Buff Orpington, 11 Barred Rock and 6 Black Sexlink, all pullets. They were shipped on a Wed and arrived at my PO at 5am Friday. All clean and healthy, and knock on wood, all still alive almost 3 weeks later. Not really sure what they offer for assortments, but I am pleased and plan to order more chicks in the spring.

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