Hatchery with the best-looking Crested Polish? (Crested, Tophat, funny hairdos, silly hats)


7 Years
Aug 14, 2012
Strictly on the basis of flashy good looks, which hatchery or individual (preferably one that still has what I want) has the best Polish with outrageous head feathers? Not for show, I just like striking yard birds.

I've done my best to sift through the threads, but I'm still not entirely sure what my best bet would be. But I have concluded that Ideal Poultry would probably not be what I am looking for, in this case. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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My best looking polish have came from mcmurray hatchery, the quality Ive recieved could easily be matched by what we have gotten from Cackle hatchery as well though. Stunning yard birds and sweet pets. I have a few Ideal polish we have had and quality has lacked in most ive seen from there. Hope i helped, i will try to post a photo of our beautiful silver laced polish pullet from mcmurray later :)
I've had polish from McM and mostly they had a lot of head feathering. Of the color I had the BCW tended to have the most feathering. Temperament wise they were very sweet birds, some were on the dumb side, but they were all sweet and very friendly with people. I have never had, but have seen ones from Meyer and Ideal and agree the McM ones seemed on average to have more.
Thanks for the excellent advice! It looks like I'll be going the McM route next year.
Oh she is lovely! Definitely becoming a fan of the Murray McMurray birds. Thanks so much for sharing!

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