Hatching Eggs for sale. All LF and NPIP. 5 Different Breeds to Choose From Including Turkey

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    The price is per egg with shipping included in the price. I am NPIP and my birds are very well taken care of.

    Breed Number One: $24 a DOZEN SHIPPED TO YOU

    BBS Marans- I have 6 black copper hens from Rockinpaints and from Bargain. My black copper rooster is from Connie Zulu, whose cock won this year at Newnan, took 2nd last year, and won the show in 2010. So he comes from a good line and a dark egg. I have 6 Splash hens in this pen also. I have 3 from Rockinpaints and 3 from a lady in Texas named Helen Buyers, I think is her last name. They were hatched from 7 and up on the color scale. The other roo in the pen is a Splash rooster hatched from Helen. He also was hatched from a 7 and up. Some of the hens lay a lighter egg but the roosters should be a lot. The egg in the cover picture if about the color of egg that the two rooster were hatched from. I think this egg was laid by a splash hen.

    Pictures of the Flock. The picture of the BCM roo is old. He is a lot bigger now. I think this is last years pic


    Breed Number Two: $30 A DOZEN SHIPPED TO YOU
    Lavender Orpington- These birds were purchased from ilovefrizzles at the Newnan show in 2011. She got her birds from Kathy Peters, I think. They are very pretty birds and are producing fat healthy chicks.

    Pictures were took before separated in breeding pens. No worries, eggs are pure.


    Breed Number Three: $20 A DOZEN SHIPPED TO YOU

    Cuckoo Olive Egger- In this pen I have 3 French Golden Cuckoo Marans hens from Rockinpaints. They are covered by my Barred Olive Egger rooster. He is a gentle giant. He has a beard and muffs. I shipped 10 of these to a board member and was contacted and said that all 10 hatched out. Also 3 of the 10 that hatched were blue. So these should produce some beautiful chicks that should lay very pretty eggs. The color of the GC has lightened a little, but they were laying a very dark egg and I still get one every now and then.



    Breed Number Four: $12 FOR 6+ SHIPPED TO YOU. ONLY HAVE ONE HEN

    Barred Olive Egger. I only have one hen to my rooster. It is the same rooster that is covering my Golden Cuckoos but the eggs will come from a Olive Egger. She is the bird in the last picture of the album. Her eggs are the 1st and 2nd picture. The pictures really don't do her eggs justice. They are beautiful if you ask me. Some are really olive, some are a mint green, and then sometimes she lays one almost grey like cement.



    Breed Number 5: $4 an egg including shipping.
    Royal Palm Turkey. I only have one hen laying so I could do 6 a week or a little more.
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  2. bigspringshatchery

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    Jun 26, 2010
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    Just took an order on Lav Orp that makes me sold out for 3 weeks. If you want some let me know and I can write you down.
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    I would like to get 6 lav orps and 6 bbs marans whenever you have them available.
  4. bigspringshatchery

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Roanoke Alabama
    OK, sent you a pm
  5. bigspringshatchery

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Roanoke Alabama
    Have a week waiting list on the Lavender Orp
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    Just sent you a pm about some of the Marans eggs.
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    You have some nice birds if you got them from Helen Byers...she breeds for correct standards and dark eggs....My Blue/Splash Marans came from her and they are gorgeous!~Charm1704
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    Sent you a PM
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    Sep 29, 2011
    Just got my eggs! They all arrived safely..... I got a few really dark eggs and wow are they pretty!!! Now what to do for 21 days! Until hopefully [​IMG]

    Thanks again for the eggs!
  10. LittlesUnderft

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    May 1, 2012
    Any of that #3 mix ready this week?

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