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Nov 19, 2018
Hi, We are currently hatching 2 dozen quail eggs bought online in NZ. They started incubation on 16th November and candled them on 17th(day 2) and 19th(day 3). As this is our first time, I'm worried if this is what the eggs are supposed to look. The eggs I've seen online to compare seem to have a lot more veins than our eggs.

We also had a few hiccups on the first day of incubation where the temp reached 39C a few times and we had to quickly lower it by opening the lid. I hope this doesn't negatively affect them too much!

Here are some pictures of the eggs. All the eggs in the pictures are different.
If images don't work here is a imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/Bwv8F50
Day 2:

Day 3:

Thank you!


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This is an excellent article to compare to:

It might be best to leave the eggs be and candle at day 5, day 10 and then again at day 14 (or just before 'lockdown') as eggs that have been through the post have been through a lot more stress which does affect their hatchability, and the more they are handled can add to that stress. My eggs that were posted to me had a 50% hatch rate (I'm in NZ too). The eggs your birds will lay will be a lot stronger and can put up with being candled daily.

Do check their air cells and that they are growing at the right rate as you may have to adjust your humidity if they are looking too big or small. This chart is for a chicken egg so the days are off but you get the idea:


Also, make sure the surface the chicks hatch out onto in your incubator is non slip. I've used disposable loaf tons from the supermarket with shavings in the bottom as that prevents chicks getting anywhere they shouldn't in the incubator (it's amazing where they can fall through and if there's trouble to find a quail chick will find it) or you can line the bottom with the non slip drawer liner stuff from Briscoes. It comes in a big roll and you can cut it to fit. It's great for lining the brooder with too as quail chicks are very prone to slipping a hock or having splayed legs so the grippier their footing the better.

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