hatching question - help?!


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Jan 8, 2010
I've got peacock eggs in the incubator - 6 set to hatch around June 7. 2 of them started hatching two days ago (day 25). One died in the egg, cracked the shell but didn't get through the membrane. The other is STILL hatching - its been 48 hours and I'm worried. I hear peeping, see breathing, the shell is cracked and a big piece is off, the membrane is pierced, but still the baby is in the egg.

Is there anything I should do? Just leave it alone, or pull off the shell?


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Mar 10, 2008
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Is the membrane dry? Sometimes it sticks if there is not enough humidity. Some people help, some people don't. If I feel it might be my fault and not a weak chick, I will take a tooth pick and pop off some of the shell over the air cell. I then will check and see how it is doing. If it is dry I will take a damp finger and lightly rehydrate the membrane. If the blood vessels have resided and the chick is stuck on a hardened membrane I will loosen it carefully to make sure it does not bleed. Then leave it be and see if it can hatch.

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