Have I got a sticky chick???

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Dec 15, 2020
Hi there,
So I am a newbie to incubating chickens. This morning around 7am my first chick hatched (it took 24hr to hatch after first pip). It got bottom got stuck in the shell and he was walking around incubator with stuck shell so we helped him out and cut the nutrients cord (that was still attached to egg) close to the shell. He was very lethargic and slept for a few hours before gaining some energy. He is doing well now but it has been 12 hours since hatched and he still hasn't fluffed up, with a sort of residue covering feathers. Have I got a sticky chicken? (humidity levels were a little high during incubation). I don't know whether to take him out and put him in the brooder or do I clean him? And in the case I should clean him how would I do that?

The attached photo is him 12hrs after hatch

Thank you,
Your insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes, that's a sticky chick, no big deal. I used a gentle baby soap I had on hand and used warm water to lather and wash.The whole bath lasted maybe 30 seconds. Dry her off gentley a tad and put her back in the incubator. She'll fluff up.
Thank you, your reply is very appreciated. To bath do I put in small container of water? And is soap necessary can I just use warm water?

I just filled up the bathroom sink, but a small container will do. You can try with just water, but I had a hard without it as I didn't want to scrub the chick and I found the soap kind of took care of that.

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