Have you ever had a nice rooster?

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I would say the opposite. Yes, there are mean roosters. But those are the ones you hear about. You simply don't hear about the nice ones. Many of us have nice roos. The avatar roo you see here is Jack. He was the patriarch of many birds in my flock. He was not human aggressive. Not aggressive to my dog, or to other birds in the flock. He was not even aggressive to cockerels who were left in the flock with him. He loved his ladies, found them nice nest spots, and would fluff up the nest bedding for them. He accompanied his ladies to and from the nest box when they were out to free range. He loved his babies, and tidbitted all the birds in his flock, including the teen age cockerels.

Jack's replacement is Goliath. He is a huge mahogany red Buck Eye. And he is showing every promise of being as good a roo as Jack was.

I don't make pets of my roos. They know their place. From the moment that I know a bird is a cockerel, I adopt a hands off and an arm's length away policy. IMO, this is the best way to raise a roo who is not human aggressive.
Several.....my best was a barred Cochin, Champ, who would let me carry him around, push him in a baby stroller and sit through tea parties (I was 8, lol,). He was part of my first flock. I also had a lovely buff laced polish that sticks out in my mind. There have been others, but those two really stasnd out for me. There have been some jerks as well but it's the good ones you remember
Really interesting. My dad had a Rhode Island Red Rooster that got very mean.....until something got him.
My bantam Cochin rooster is a gentleman.
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I've had some truly kind intelligent roos that didn't fight, liked people, even helped sit eggs. Probably ten easily that were never human aggressive. I firmly believe breed matters lots. There's always exceptions but I bet hatchery Rhode Island Reds attack lots more than cochins!

I had one that was really incorrigible and have to say he was the only one that got handled lots. He was an extra hatchery rare breed and very loud in the brooder so we were always picking him up to check him.

I now take the advice to limit handling and I'll add hand feeding of cockerels. One of mine started biting until I stopped giving him treats. Now he's doing great, enjoys the occasional pat and gets along with everyone.

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