Have YOU ever taken a BYC BREAK? Why?


10 Years
Feb 6, 2009
Just shy of 2,000 posts, I think I need to take a break form BYC. Last year, I took a break for a couple weeks because I felt like it was taking up too much of my time. Now, I will take a break for a different reason.

I began this thread to ask others if they have ever taken a break & why. I also want to explain why I am going to take time off.

This morning, I read a quote from the Dali Lama: "...compassion, the natural capacity of the human heart to feel concern for and connection with another human being,constitutes a basic aspect of our nature shared by all human beings,as well as being the foundation of our happiness. All ethical teachings, whether religious or nonreligious, aim to nurture this innate and precious quality, to develop it and to perfect it." I think that people on BYC tend to demonstrate alot of compassion. You all have brought tears to my eyes on many occassions. It is wonderful to think that someone can reach out to the folks on this site and receive support and information.
This dynamic is the internet at its best.

I need to lay off BYC because I am becoming frustrated by & insensitive to others' posts. I read some harsh perspectives here on BYC and I am shocked to find myself responding in a harsh way. I am not a harsh person. Really! Yet, here I come on BYC, getting sassy and making the Mods shut down threads. I have told people to "quit being a big baby." Told people to "grow up" or to "take the high road."
If any of these people were a guest in my home or a coworker, I would not react that way. Yes, I take great offense to people who plot against neighbors or are cruel to sick in-laws or who use their kids against their ex. I think some people do need to grow up, but I know that shaming them or sassing at them is not going to convey any great insight. Stupid doesn't cancel out stupid. I went to sleep last night with a line from a Carrie Underwood song in my head: "next time he'll think before he cheats." So the logic is that vandalism will make a guy a better relational partner? Yikes. That is the logic that some people use in their interactions with family & friends- "I'll just show my MIL how much trouble I can cause!". Brilliant! Then they write about it on BYC. Then I tell them what I think... I judge them... My rudeness is not a help. I think I will just lurk for a bit and enjoy all the cute chickie photos.

Have any of you taken a BYC break? Why?
I took a break last year as my dh was gone a lot for training for a deployment and I was pregnant with 6 kids. I did notice I started feeling the same way before my absence but my solution was to avoid certain areas of the forum. I stayed in the incubating, breeds and what breed/gender section(and occasionally the auctions
) . You could just avoid the other sections. I click on recent posts and see where a thread is located before I open it
. I have enough going on without having to have someone else cause me anxiety because of their actions that have nothing to do with me IMO. So maybe you just need to filter what sections you visit, that way you can enjoy the chickies without the drama
My dh is deployed, I have 7 kids and this is now my sanity break
Ive taken breaks from a few weeks to a couple months and then sometimes I will just dabble sometimes..
Various reasons. One was depression and I just wasnt doing anything that made me happy..
Then sometimes life picks up quickly and I just cant find time

I always get drawn back though
I've posted to many boards over the years and once in a while I take breaks from all of them. When it begins to feel more like a duty to log-on than a pleasant place to pass the time it's time for a break.
I take time off here and there. I do not post like I used to. I feel that sometimes this site can be a little overwhelming with all the different personalities. I also feel that my posts get lost or ignored a lot because there are just so many people on this site. I sometimes feel almost like it is a popularity contest, more popular people get answers. I also am very busy, and don't have a lot of time to be online lately.
Me too.

But I see what you mean Chickenmaven. It's easy to get callous and frustrated with the same old questions and issues we've heard a million times. But I know for sure that if I joined BYC yesterday, I'd be asking those same old questions and having the same old issues. So how can I be too judgemental? (Only when I have PMS!!!!)

PS: Today's my three-year anniversary of joining BYC - so I'm a REAL old goat on here.
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Aww I hate you feel that way!
I use to be on this one site and it was AWFUL! Just like if you were on the bottom rung at highschool..
If one person started picking at you everyone else would see that someone did it and joined in on the fun.

They really really didnt like me there. They would have me in TEARS sometimes when I asked for advice on my dogs.
Telling me how stupid I was that I did this or how Im an awful person because I did that (and Im not talking like I was beating my dogs either! ..just plain rude and nasty)
After many many verbal attacks and the mods not doing a thing about it I left there.

BYC is NOTHING like that place. I am really sorry you feel that way

If it makes you feel better I enjoy your posts

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