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Day 21 for my 'bator' ! We can hear an occasional chirp coming from inside and 1 egg has a little "pip"
I am soo excited!!!!!!! I dont want to leave my bator's side!!!!!! Am I hooked or what? ( this is our 1st time hatching)
We homeschool our children, so this is exciting for them, as well. They are doing their work at dining room table and giggle every time we hear a chirp from the eggs!!
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So you seem to be seasoned at this....I have a post and 3 eggs in an incubator for a school project. We are on day 22 and nothing yet....never done this and very nervous right now.
Nope! I am sooooo new to this. Just started raising chickens 2 months ago. Bought 6 little pullets at Tractor Supply for my kids to play with and then give away to a friend. But I now have over 50 chickens and these 19 eggs in the 'bator'
We are hearing a lot of chirps and one egg is rolling all over the place. haha There is one egg with a tiny little beak poking out!!!
I am getting anxious now!! How much longer????
I know this is not going to help your excitement very much, but they can take up to 24 hours to completely hatch out of their shells. What is the temp and humidity in your incubator?
WAHOO!! I am excited for you
Today is day 21 for some of mine as well and nothing
Hopefully soon. Post pics of your new arrivals please
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Hang in there. I am in the middle of a very protracted hatch: first time using this incubator, and it had some serious temperature issues. So far we have had chicks hatch at days 23, 24, and 25. I was losing my mind with nerves on day 22 with no pips, and candled everyone; I pulled out ten dead eggs, but saw movement or at least big dark shadows and blood vessels in the rest. So that gave me some peace of mind. None of the chicks have been shrink-wrapped, although we did have some unhealed navels on that first day. Incubators!
UPDATE: have some beaks sticking out and lots of chirps....thats about it.....

Of my other chicks: I have a trio of white silkies
I have a white leghorn roo and 5 hens
3 barred rock roos ( one is boss while other 2 are just young yet) with 7 hens
I have 9 cornish ( 6 weeks old)
I have 7 Silver laced Wyandottes ( all young)
I have 5 red star hens
I have 9 RIR ( just 7 weeks old)
I have a trio of Silver Duck wing Bantams ( one hen is sitting on 12 eggs....day 9)
But we do keep them all separated. They all have their own coops. We let them range freely in the day and locked up at night....but we alternate the days they roam, so there is no cross breeding.....Only the BR and Leghorn range freely for the time being

I just have a styrofoam bator so I am not sure the humidity level....I have not let the water run dry in the bottom
Temp is at 99.5 and that has held steady for the duration of this hatch......( we did have a 4 hour power outtage a week and 1/2 ago) but it looks like it didnt do any harm...
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