Hawk attack. Killed my sweet hen. Worried about the others....


9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Hawk just killed one of my sweetest hens just now. It took me forever to find the others, they were hiding in the shed. They've been put away back into their run, but are in total shock. Is there anything I should do to help support their immune system now? Fearful that the shock will cause them to get sick now.
I'm so sorry.
That stinks!!
I'm sure someone will come along with some advice as to what to use for their stress.
so sorry for your loss. Give the others some extra treats and give them time. In Oct a dog broke into my coop and killed 12 of my hens. It took the remaining chickens almost 2 weeks before they were back to normal. It is traumatic for them. Lots of love and time. Good luck
HUGS!! That is just awful, I have no thoughts on what to give them to eat but you should have a good strong cup of tea and relax now!
We have been dodging hawks left and right all winter here. I wish the Hawks would go after the moles that have created a city in my front yard rather than my hens!
Thank you for your kind words. I will give them extra treats and some peace & quiet.


OMG I feel so bad for you. 12 hens at once!! That had to be horrible!
I have 5 chickens as well. My Pearl White Leghorn was attached a week and a half ago. The one chicken close to her was very upset. She never gave out a loud noise until this happened. Two of the chickens made it back to the coop. The other two were running down the side of my home and squawking alot. I picked them both up and put them in the coop. I couldn't do anything for them because I had to tend to the chicken that was attacked. The hawk ripped open her crop and I ended up stitching it. When I think back on it, I can't believe I even did that. Your best bet is to try to relax. It is truly upsetting. Sip on a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate. The other chickens will be fine. I would probably give them some warm oatmeal with fruit in it as the other BYC member suggested. They will be alright though. I am so very sorry for your loss.

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