He came home with 2 goats

Aug 31, 2019
Hughes Wildlife Farm, MA
So our chicken count is up to 36 right now. We have one large 8x10 coop that fits them all well, even in our harsh winter right now, when half stay inside most of the time. Our silkies count for half that 36, and they take up almost no space.
We have a spare coop with a covered run, we use it when we get meat birds.
These coops and runs all lead out to a 1/4 Acer fenced in forest, where they play and scavenge all day.
My husbend saw it fit to bring me home 2 Nigerian dwarf/Nubian baby goats.
Now, they are indoors in a pen for this winter period as they are only 2 and 3 weeks old and I have to bottle feed. We have had them for 3 days as of tonight.
He feels we can pit them in the "meat bird" coop and run, so they can run free in the 1/4 fenced in area with the chickens, once the weather shifts to Spring.
Anyone let their chickens run with cattle/horses or larger than chicken animals other than dogs? Anything I should be mind full of?

Aug 31, 2019
Hughes Wildlife Farm, MA
We have feeding tubes for the chickens that the goats can't fit their heads in.. I was thinking even putting a chicken size door that goats can't fit thru. Feeding tubes are in the covered run and we cap them at night... But the goats could knock them over if they really want to get to the chicken feed, so I was thinking to keep the gate to the run closed and install a doggie door that only the chickens fit thru


May 24, 2019
I know nothing about goats but my chickens do live with my 3 horses. The horses seem to have bonded with the chickens and love them. My old man who is prone to not pay attention and step on your toes is very careful when they are in his stall and stands like a statue when they are under his feet. The 4 littles who are almost 4 months old can be found throughout the day napping on 2 of their backs. 2 area's of concern. 1 if you are strict with your chickens diet, good luck keeping the chickens out of the goats feed. It's not a problem for me as they free range and have a varied diet but during feeding times they are right there and my horses will take a mouth full and drop it on the ground for them. If you feed hay to the goats, the chickens will love it. Mine beat the horses to the bats of hay given to them as they are thrown in and either spread it around looking for the best bits or just napping in it. My boys will not touch their hay if the chickens are using it for a bed, instead they stand guard and wait until they wake up before they proceed to eat. Another concern is mites and lice. I have not had a problem with mites, but i keep check all the time because i know with all the interaction if the chickens get mites my horses will too. I've heard goats can get lice so if that happened i would assume they could be passed to the chickens.

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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
My old vet told me that lice were host specific. I don't know that she meant goat lice won't latch onto chickens, but I was quite relieved as I cuddled baby goat Rocky to my face that his (until that point, undetected) lice wouldn't attach to me.

My big (and I mean big for a miniature goat) wether, chases out any chickens that dare invade his pasture. However, wild birds and bunny rabbits don't bother him at all.

BTW, is there anything in the world CUTER than baby goat and there teeny, tiny -- but effective -- voices?? Not in my world!!!
Aug 31, 2019
Hughes Wildlife Farm, MA
I never took into consideration the chickens will get to the goats feed.
Maybe a hanging feeder so the chickens only get what falls to the ground, I dont mind the chickens having the hey, I give them some while winter kills grass.:th
The goats are getting lice treatment now, and yes the vet said they are host specific, so the chickens and goats wont pass them back and forth, as my chickens are lice, mite free.
I hope the goats let the chickens hop on their backs, that would be fun to watch :pop


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Feb 25, 2014
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<sigh> Yours unexpectedly bought 2 goats? Mine unexpectedly bought a house. 700 miles away from my dad, my siblings, my kids and my grandkids. I can tell you that after living in this “house” for 23 years now, I think I might have preferred the goats!

They are adorable! Oh, and eventually my kids and grands moved here. All is good.
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