he is dying and there is nothing I can do


9 Years
Apr 20, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
I just got these gorgeous welsumers this fall
the vet vaccinated them on dec 1st, I have been working full time so I havent had the time to keep as close an eye on them as I used to
DH told me just a few minutes ago that the rooster had his head under his wing, I went in to see him and his feathers are yucky (not smooth or silky) he is seriously hunched over and his eyes are foamy
I feel he wont make it through the night
i am furious because I know if I had been in there to just watch them once in a while I would have seen it coming
What were they vaccinated for???
i don't know. how dumb is that?
ummm I don't know we had just signed up to be able to show them in the spring, so It must be whatever standard vaccine they have for public showing

update, I put him in the brooder pen by himself with the heat lamp. he felt damp. so hopefully the heat will help dry him up
he was a bit wheezy, but he put up a fuss when I tried to make him drink
I mixed him up some tetracycline, read in another post it might help, that is all I have for meds right now, don't even have a syringe to make him drink
I don't know what goes on in Canada, the only vaccine I could think of is fowl pox...
I know most wouldn't agree with me, but I would have him in the spare bathtub with a towel.
That way you can hear what is going on.
I hope he pulls thru this. Were there any others vaccinated with him?
yes, all were vaccinated. but he is the only one in this condition
if he was living in damp cold conditions could it of caused this?? the coop was in need of a cleaning
what is a chicken cold? is it possible he has that?
If the coop wasn't properly ventilated, sometimes the humidity mixed with poop smell (ammonia) turn into a deadly combo, especially in the winter.
Get him out of there pronto, to some fresh air.
Is it cold (freezing) by you?
Like I said, bathtub.
Or at least a different building.
Does he roost higher than the girls?
Or do the girls spend more time in the nestboxes, down lower to the floor?
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Chicken illnesses are an enigma sometimes. The ones you think are fine can drop dead without notice and those we write off as dead somehow survive. I thought my roo would be dead by Christmas eve when he appeared to have botulism poisoning. It's been a week now, and he's doing great. Hang in there! I've got my fingers crossed for you. Just do your best, like you have been.
no they always roost together (mid height), but, since DH was in there cleaning today maybe that stirred up the poop too much? i dunno, but if that is the case he is in the brooder pen next door and he should be ok as far as air quality since it is not occupied

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