Heat Bulb problem...


9 Years
Apr 24, 2014
United States
Hello! Last night it was 35F and I turned on the UV light. Which I know is not that good for em for night. But they needed it. I was expecting a shelless egg and that was what i got! (a popped shelless egg).

I need a heat bulb that:

Gives NO UV light

Gives NO light

Gives heat.

I do not know where to find these such bulbs if they exist.

The ceramic reptile bulbs i was thinking but do they have UV (u know, becuase reptiles need it?)
I use the ceramic emitters in brooders. They produce no light and I can give hemeral lighting after the first 3 days.

Curious, how old are your birds that they need heat at 35F?
Yeah, they shouldn't need heat at 35f, unless perhaps they're very old. Ours have never had heat and survived just fine down to -9F, probably colder with wind chill in their run. We do have have deep litter in the coop which provides a small amount of heat from composting. But we've never provided any sort of heat source. They will also huddle to conserve heat. My father in law raised chickens in northern Maine, where winters would sometimes hit -50f and he never lost any chickens to cold. He said to make sure to keep it ventilated (up above their heads), but not drafty and to keep water (leaks or drinking) out of the coop to keep it dry. Humidity increases the effects of heat and cold.

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