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May 23, 2020
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I have a 100 watt heat lamp, I can't find a place nearby that stocks a fitting specifically for it. So I want to rig up my own one, it's an E27 type fitting , also known as screw type. I wanted to know what material are lamp fittings specifically made for heat lamps made of : porcelain, steel or plastic ?(I know the ones used in the "beurer wellbeing lamps" are plastic. Curious as to how they don't melt

Secondly I wanted to know if the cone shaped thing that is part of the ones you buy is necessary. If it's for protection wouldn't a cage over the lamp be better


Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
E27 is a very common light fixture. Just because it is made from plastic, does not mean it is from milk jug quality plastic. Plastic fixtures in lamps do usually state 60 watt maximum, so extended use at higher wattage does cause socket to turn brittle. The plastic will not melt. (at least not at running 100 watts instead of 60 watts rated)

Older sockets before the age of plastics, were made from ceramic. Those are not as common currently because modern bulbs are on a way reduced wattage. (CFL, and LED) If you can locate a ceramic socket, it would be IDEAL.

The cone shape acts to direct the heat and light in a particular direction. It does provide physical protection against breakage to a better degree than a cage. Your call on how much protection is needed in your setup.
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Jul 26, 2008
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all of the heat lamps I have bought have ceramic base to screw the bulb in, and everything else metal.

For prolonged use in a coop, a heating pad without an auto-shutoff would be safer/less fire risk.

I put the heatpad in a huge freezer zip lock bag, duct tape the freezer zip lock closed around cord.

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