Feb 1, 2021
DANG thats a large flock! I will definetly look into this, but so far my chickens haven't drank much of the water bowl down at all. Thats why I am worried they won't drink because its so cold. When I added the warm water they all went over and started drinking. I was thinking maybe a larger heated water bowl so they have more. The problem is I do not have electricity in the coop so I would need to run a large extension cord out there to do this.
Well keep in mind that I hear water bowl will not keep the water hot it'll just keep it from freezing.


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The chickens don't need warm water, they won't let themselves die of dehydration if the only water available is cold (many of us have chickens eating snow for hydration in the winter). It just can't be frozen solid where they can't get any water at all.

A heated water bowl is fine, or you can bring out fresh water a few times a day (if you have time + no electricity to chicken area), or there's different heated waterer options whether it's a heated base or a drop-in that you can put inside the waterer.

No need to warm the coop, as long as it stays dry and draft free inside, the chickens all come equipped with down coats to stay warm.


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I live in Massachusetts and have 6 eight week old chickens (two cockerels and four hens). I had them out in the coop last night and our temps dipped to the low 40s overnight. They have only been out in there coop for about a week and this is the lowest it has gotten. When I went out to open the coop door I checked their water and it was freezing cold (I have a water bowl). I was thinking of buying a heated water bowl because while I can heat water and bring it out to them it will get cold quickly given I live in New England and its only going to get colder. Do any of you have heated water bowls, if so should I get one? If not what are some other solutions for keeping the water warm, because they won't drink the cold water.

Also do you have any suggestions on how to make the coop warmer, they were on there roosts this morning and when I touched them, they felt alittle cold. Is that normal for them to feel cold on the top of the feathers?

Thank you all for your help, I am new to owning chickens and this group has been incredible helpful so far in my journey.
Check out SweeterHeater online. Safer than heat bulb, won't burn bird or start a fire. Plug it into a Thermocube so it doesn't turn on until under 40 degrees F., & turns off above 40.


Mar 3, 2020
I can relate @Countryhippie. I am in CT and wondered these things as well. Piggie-backing off others, they will drink what they need to and know how to stay warm. The chickens know how to chicken already, just gotta make sure you provide what they need to properly chicken. I was told over and over that ventilation is important and drafts are the main thing to avoid. Fill in the cracks, have adequate air flow, and make sure they always have fresh water available. I do not provide heat in the coop for them.

I use heated waterers made by Farm Innovators. They do not heat the water, they just prevent it from freezing. The heating element only turns on when the temp dips to a certain number, so it won't be on if we have a warmer winter day. Really no other choice besides changing water all day for 5 months.

Good luck!

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