Heirloom orpingtons (Florida) discussion, pics, etc

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8 Years
Jun 8, 2013
Somerset, Kentucky
Hello all

I ordered 10 ameraucanas from them this year. I will update with pics of the chicks when they come in. So far Jonathan has been very concerned with the weather to ensure my chicks are shipped alive so I'm still in the waiting room. Although eager to get some chicks, a shipping box that says live animals on it should have that inside so I appreciate his concern.

Anyone else already get their orders? Pics?
Thats great! Any pics?

When did you order?

Seems they are having a run of bad luck this year. I'm hoping to hear next week that I have some cheepers on the way.
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I will post pictures this week. Had 3 orders and got 2 of them. I ordered 4 polish and got 8. I also got a 10 surprise Orpington pack. Can't tell what colors they are going to turn out and some died.
No response to any of my messages on either their web page or facebook. Tried calling and it instantly went to voice mail.
Yes I saw that but they use two different addresses and I doubt they lost power at both places. One in brooksville and the other in spring hill. I got on the florida thread to see if someone can go see if they can help out.
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