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    Oct 17, 2019
    Hello all! I'm new to this site, and new to chicken raising. After going to the hardware store to get a piece of metal I finally caved and got 3 baby barred rock pullets. (On September 12)

    This site has more than helpful in answering most of my questions so far just by clicking through old threads!

    I'll try to include some photos, I'm not a great photographer however.

    As of right now I have them on a 2.5 gal bucket, sideways sipper nipple waterer and a little giant 1 qt Mason jar mounted to a block of wood so they cannot tip it over. I am thinking of upgrading them to a 5 gallon bucket with PVC elbows so they don't throw as much around. They also have a couple of wooden perches that are maybe 2 ft long in there and I have only been using pine shavings as I am unsure about throwing random sand in there, could be broken glass etc.

    I do feed them medicated chick feed, it was what the store I bought them from had them on and Id just rather keep them eating the same thing. They have also been eating plenty of chick grit for quite some time. I recently started treating them to mealworms and yesterday a quarter of a corn on the cob after I had eaten it. Is there anything I'm missing in their diet? What are some things that your chicks enjoy?

    I live in northern Washington, in the cascade mountain range. It's very noticeable that it's fall, I still have my concerns about taking them completely off a heat lamp this time of year. And have not felt comfortable letting them out to play outside yet. It has frozen over a couple nights the past few weeks I've even had to break ice off the dogs/cats water. Does anyone out there maybe have experience raising fall chicks rather than spring chicks? Particularly in a cold wet mountain region? Most information I've seen just says don't let them out if its under 60 degrees. And I just feel like most of them are catered towards spring chicks which have the benefit of a whole summer of mild to hot weather ahead of them.

    I was going to make them a coop out of plywood and chicken wire, but I realized we have a very well built playhouse on our property that should do just great. Right now they have the bulk of the little house to themselves with a walled off section for their feed and bedding to be stored.

    Sorry if that bored you a bit, but if you read all that and found something wrong with anything I'm doing especially if it could be fatal or cause stress/distress with my little chickens I would greatly appreciate it! I hope you find them as beautiful as me! And apologies I will try to get more pictures soon, I couldn't even get the biggest one in camera I guess. I honestly didn't want to bother them too much today

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    Welcome to BYC and congrats on your new birds.
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    Oct 17, 2019
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    Welcome to BYC.
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    Welcome to the amazing community of BYC! :welcome

    My only advice to you at the moment is to make sure you don't over treat them with the meal worms. Cheaper meal worms are often just the husks of dried, dead meal worms with no protein or real benefit. The more expensive kind aren't husks and are healthier treats to give, but neither should be a regular part of their diet. Just a tip - not too many treats. :D
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    Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
    I had 4 day old chicks outside in 23F weather and they were totally fine. They darted under their brooder plate when they needed to warm up then out they came again. I guess I broke the law!
    Pass on the chicken wire. It's not predator proof. Use 1/2" hardware cloth instead.
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    Oct 17, 2019
    That definitely makes sense, il admit I might treat them probably too much. I just assumed it was benificial. Is there any way to be sure I'm getting the kind that are more nutritional? I don't know a lot but they don't seem cheap. 8$ for a bag of dried nightmares seems like plenty haha
    In what amount and how often do you give meal worms? It really does seem to make them excited and happy more than anything else so far except maybe corn on the cob

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