hello, and a question


10 Years
Feb 16, 2009
s.w. mo
i have done a bunch of reading on here the last few months. have learned a lot... took some of the advice and raised up 100 colored rangers from jmhatchery they came out so awesome! they we're my first meaties to raise other than stewing some egg-layer breeds. ... my question is this, have any of you dressed out a delaware and if so, what was the carcass like? is it closer to say, what they are bred from the new hamps or barred rocks or are they any meatier than that? any help/opinions are apprecited! thanks, arlene:D
Personally I would stick with the colored rangers.
If you want to order straight run delawares and raise the roosters for the stew pot this winter go for it, but IMHO for a broiler chicken stick with the breeds for such.
I too will be curious what others think.

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