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Mar 28, 2018
I am new to chickens. currently, we have none. I found this forum while looking into starting with a few chickens on our property. My family and I are animal lovers and we have 1 acre or property in Clarkson Michigan which is Independence township. I was told by the township that we must have 2 acres to have chickens on the property. I saw some postings about the Michigan right to farm act and how this trumps the local ordinances. I am not wanting a fight on my hands, but I do not like being told I can not have a few chickens when I actually have the right and ability to do so. I am asking for advice on how to get started and who do I really need permission from? My family and I love the outdoors, camping and fishing are our favorite pastimes.

Welcome home!!!! And feel at home, lots of supportive people here!!!

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