Hello from Scotland!!


Jun 2, 2020
Just wanted to say a quick (or not so quick) hello to the BYC community. I’ve been a long time stalker and borrower of ideas from this fab site. I live in Scotland with the family and we are all chicken lovers. My partner has kept chickens for 8 years and I’ve always helped out looking after them, building coops & runs etc. So I thought it was time to get started and have some of my own flock!! I’ll be building a new coop and kitting it out in the next little while. I’ve decided on some lovely Orpington’s. We currently have around 30 chickens, a few cockerel and we incubate some of our own eggs too. There are currently 20 young birds running around too. We’re lucky in the land that we have available, just wish the weather would stay as nice as it’s been lately!! Currently looking for ideas on DIY waterers and feeders, just to stop the constant topping up of wee (small) feeders, ideas welcome please.


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My Coop
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