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Sep 16, 2017
I’m a newbie to backyard chickening, and I spend most of my time chillin’ with my chickies... 2 red star hens Rayleen and MaryJean (they are 2 years old and laying lots of eggs) and 3 (yes, I beat the odds of probability) silkie Roos (about 2 years old) and 1 sizzle frizzle Roo. I got the boys as week old chicks, from a woman who swore they were tested somehow and guaranteed to be girls lol... It was October, so they spent lots of time indoors, under a heat lamp and wearing (something I’m embarrassed to admit I actually purchased) chicken diapers so they could nap on my lap! So. cute. I named them Esther, JoJo, Alberta, and Cynthia. After about 6 months JoJo uttered her (his) first sound... after a group consensus my closest friends, husband and neighbors verified that sadly, JoJo was indeed a crowing rooster. Okay so 1 of 4, that’s fine, no big deal, it’s good to have a rooster! She, or I mean he, was still my cute little JoJo chicken... They Jojo was followed a few months later by Alberta, then Esther and finally at 8 months when the weather was warm and I was ready to put them in their coop outside, little Cynthia finally crowed her, I mean his first crow. I was told that this wouldn’t work, they would kill each other, that my neighbors would kill me... but here I am a year after Cynthia crowed with a flock of Bantum Roosters! Ok so they sometimes try and challenge my husband Cameron to a fight for king rooster when he lets them out of the coop in the morning (mostly this involves grabbing the hem of his pajama pants and tugging backward... but mostly, they don’t bother the hens (who have no issue putting them in their place if they forget that they are about 1 third the size of the girls). So it is possible to hatch 4 roosters, become emotionally attached and refuse to budge. No, I did not change their names. Sometimes they look absurd and embarrass themselves running full speed across my yard towards me when have a chicken treat of some sort (they remind me of muppets...with feathery feet and no arms). Far more entertaining than TV and better than guard dogs... if anything comes in my back yard they start crowing in a round! It’s so strange. Anyways, I’m hooked!
I have to move from Northern California to Utah for work in the next three months, and crazy as it sounds, it never occurred to me to move anywhere that I couldn’t keep my crazy backyard family. Muppet silkie Roos and all. I love advice, photos, videos (of CHICKENS please only). I always fuss too much about new behavior...which is all behavior because This is my first experience with birds of any kind... thanks and now very to meet you all

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Aug 26, 2009
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Well it seems like you are coping well with a few roos. Silkies are among the most difficult breeds to sex early. 4-5 mos. of age is generally a good time to try. But even then sometimes you can't tell till they crow or law eggs.

You may want to post on the Utah thread and ask around where chickens are allowed.We have some great BYCers living in Utah.

There is the "Silkie thread," for pertinent info about the breed. Thank you for joining us at Backyard chickens. :frow

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