HELP!! 1st broody hen eating expensive hatching eggs!


11 Years
Nov 29, 2008
near Sac. Ca
I am so mad!
We have two black copper Marans. I need more hens. So when my girl went broody, we drove 2hrs away to get some Marans hatching eggs. Well she was in heaven when we rolled them under her. Long story (hopefully) short we saw her rolling her eggs out and eating them. :eek:Until then we blamed her sister. I don't know what to do!! I am so mad because we paid a lot of money for the hatching eggs for her to just eat them. Worse than that we let our friend borrow our incubator so I don't know what to do!!! Does anybody have any ideas? I can't use some of the suggestions I 've seen because they are hatching eggs and not just ones she has laid herself.


In the Brooder
12 Years
Aug 8, 2007
hmmm. maybe you can make sure that she has a good supply of food and water next to her? I know when my broody wasn't getting enough she would eat her own! It sucks!

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