Help! Any wildlife rehabilitators?!

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    We have what looks like an adult Snowy Egret that we found in the neighborhood ,.. looks like it was hit by a car maybe,. it can still stand and walk but one wing is injured and hangs and there is mild trauma under the wing with dried blood. We can't reach any local rehab places,.. no answer and one all closed up. We have bound the wing up to keep it from flapping but it wont eat or drink,.. no clue what to do,.. we have shrimp and small fish,.. not interested.
    Any help is appreciated!
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    Sep 9, 2009
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    It's probably in shock so putting it in a draft free area and preferably someplace that's not too bright and is fairly warm should help. If it's not eating/drinking on its own by tomorrow you'll probably have to force feed it. Hopefully someone who has more experience will chime in soon. Good for you for trying to get it back on it's feet!
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    Thanks much,.. I was wondering if I even could force feed it,.. It is accepting our handling of it ( as little as possible) ,.. so I am hoping if we have to we can,.. I can't find even one wild bird rehab near here,.. still looking though!
  4. janetk

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    May 3, 2009
    i have rehabed sparrows before. i used canned cat food. it's moist so you don't have to worry about water for a day or two until you can get some professional advise. i agree to keep it in a quiet place, warm, and if you think it's a baby, you'll need to force feed it. if it's a nite feeder, maybe it's tired along with being in shock. don't know about that though-just thinking.
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    Aug 11, 2010
    I wouldn't mind doing a little waterfowl rehab but there are so many hoops to jump through and requirements that I gave up. The sad thing is, there always seem to be more birds than rehabbers, and I know how to take of birds, even injured ones. I bet there are a bunch of good people out there who could lend a hand if they let us.
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    I am a licensed wildlife rehabber. For now, keep the bird in a box or dog kennel, keep it warm (if you have a heating pad you can place under half of the box/kennel that would help), and make sure it has access to water. If it is not drinking, you may need to force it to drink. Take a syringe, turkey baster, or eye dropper and drip drops of water on the bird's beak. On the tip or on the edges of the mouth are my favorite places to put it. You should see the bird swallow after the drop funnels naturally into the beak. Do not squirt water into the bird's mouth, they can get it down their lungs and die. Don't feed it unless it has been drinking well on its own or you have hydrated it a lot (I would guess at least two cups or more for this size of bird). If it is defecating, that's a good sign that the bird is hydrated enough to eat. It's vital that the bird stay hydrated, otherwise their organs begin to shut down.

    Like I said, don't feed it unless it is hydrated. If you need to keep it longer than twenty-four or forty-eight hours, though, you can get sardines or anchovies to force feed the egret, but unfortunately that will only tide it over for so long because it does not provide complete nutrition. My friend rehabs herons, I believe she feeds smelt other type of fish, I can't remember off the top of my head. If the bird has a break, it does need to have that set by a veterinarian ASAP, as bird bones heal remarkably quickly and it can heal improperly if not set within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the break occurred. It's likely the bird may have parasites as well, so wash your hands well after handling it, and handle it as little as possible to reduce stress. Make sure it's quiet, warm, and dark wherever you put the bird.

    Keep looking for a wildlife rehab group, don't give up! There's got to be one somewhere around you! Even if the closest one is too far for you to drive, still call them and get advice--it's possible they'll know someone in the area who can take the bird or maybe they can arrange transportation. Unfortunately egrets are difficult to care for, so long term care by you might not be a feasible option. You can always PM me if you have any specific questions! Good luck. Be careful with your eyes, egrets and herons sometimes peck eyes so keep the bird away from your face (wearing goggles or glasses is a good idea).
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    This isa small fish eating bird..they eat frogs fish some insects ..I would contact a vet for a feed recomendation until you can contact proper help/ ..meal worms ,might tide it over...But contact vet , they usually have a list or can direct you to wildlife rehab home..
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  8. BayouPoules

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    Thanks everyone,.. We have been outside doing what ya'll have said. I did get to look it up and it's a Great Egret,. not a snowy,.
    We have followed all directions that ya'll have given. ,.. We just weren't prepared for such a large bird,.. We've made a makeshift holding pen covered on one side. It is not eating or drinking but it is still strong enough to stand and walk around and give a shake or two. It has a big tub of water for overnight but we removed the food so as not to draw unwanted attention.
    I just checked on it outside the back door and it's head is tucked under it's one good wing asleep. I"m so glad it's no out on the street where the neighbors dogs would make short work of it.
    I sure will keep trying to find a wildlife rehabber,.. there used to be a lady in the next town but she got burned out and the last time I spoke with her about an owl I was helping,. she said she was giving up from lack of funds and no help. Maybe she can point me in the right direction. He is hurt badly and need a vet,. I do not have the money so I have to find a rehabber.
    Thanks for the offer of help SilverPhoenix,.. I may need to PM you tomorrow.
    will try to get pics up in a little bit.
    Thanks again everyone.[​IMG]

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    Oct 31, 2009
    great job [​IMG] at least you are trying ! to many people would see that as to much of a burden and not try to help [​IMG] if you cant find a rehaber maby a local vet can help? at least to set the wing. if not you may need to set the wing your self [​IMG] i cant remember the name of the site but there was a website that had instructions with pictures on how to set broken wings in the case of an emergency if no other help can be found(maybe do a surch for some info on it). its not recomended but it would give it a better chance then alowing it to heal improperly. it might also prefer live food , maby you can find a place that sell small feeder fish, small lizads or catch some small frogs in your area, that the bird would naturaly eat . good luck:)
  10. BayouPoules

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    I may have to do that! I just can't stand that beautiful bird in pain( or anything or anyone).
    I am blessed that my husband is helping and maybe together we can set it,.. I've done it for other animals,.. but never a bird like this. I know it needs a real professional though.
    I will get to work looking for that site,.. it's just good info to have.
    Thanks for the thoughts mistyfeather!

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