Help!! BEST adjustable Hygrometer &/or Candler you've used?!?


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Nov 16, 2009
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I am getting ready to set eggs in my homemade incubator. Humidity has been a problem in the past and I really want a hygrometer I can trust! So...if you have a brand that you've used and trust, please share that info with me so I can make an informed decision when I hit ebay! Also...I really need a candler that can shine through the darkest of Marans/Wellsummer eggs as well as the green EE's too. I hate being in the dark on whether an egg is progressing or not! Any advice on that front would be greatly appreciated as well.

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I use an Exo Terra reptile hygrometer and it is quite accurate. I bought it at my local pet shop. I tape it to my egg turner during the first 18 days, then for lockdown I tape it to the top of a blown out egg and then tape it to the egg carton to keep it from getting knocked over during the hatch. For the egg candler I use a Cool Lume candler and am very impressed with how well it lights up the inside of a brown egg. I have never tried it on a Maran egg however. Here is a picture of the hygrometer during the hatch.
I have been using a mini-maglite for candleing. Take the plastic lens off, and screw cap back on. Works great for the EE's, and have been able to seen through the darkest of my brown eggs. Give it a try before you spend a lot on a candler. Don't know what to say about the hygrometer, just got my first one...My quail eggs will be hatching this weekend, then I will know how well it worked out. I will be posting results on the quail forum if you wanna check. Good luck.
Thanks for the info! Is the Exo Terra reptile hygrometer adjustable? I'm really tired of having to keep track of +/- 75% when calibrating before a new hatch. I had up to 4 different hygro/thermo's in with my last bunch cause they all read different. I do love the idea of attaching it to a blown out egg for lockdown.
The Exo Terra never needs to be adjusted!
Just be careful not to accidently pop off the bezel cover and bend the spring that holds the dial or drop it. I learned the hard way when I went to pull off some tape and the cover came off and I bent the spring and there is no way to fix it
Had to go buy a new one. I know that other BYC members have used these also and really love them. When you go to buy one, compare the humidity between it and the others of the same brand on the rack because I have seen one that was a bit off. I have complete confidence in mine!
Oh, and I use the Exo Terra thermometer also and it is very accurite too!
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Thanks for the tips! I have also been using a maglite but that's genius to take the plastic lens off. I'm sure that will help.

Anyone else have some advice on hygros and candlers?
I used a digital indoor/outdoor thermometer/hygrometer for my first hatch of the year and the temp registered ok but the hygrometer was WAY off by 10% high
I discovered that the humidity in the incubator was affecting its accuracy! Half my chicks drowned and the ones that hatched were very fat and too wet!
I bought a 110 Lumens Coleman flashlight at Walmart and it has been great. I can seen veins in some of my lighter Black Copper Marans eggs, and the cream colored Barred Rocks I can see all sorts of stuff (more if I was good at candling I'm sure). It was about $20 but this is my first hatch so I figured it was worth it.

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