Help! Can you help me identify the breeds I received from the ornamental layers I got from MacMurra

chuck maddox

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Feb 16, 2015
Louisville, KY
Can you tell me what breeds I received?

#1This is Blanche.(above)

#2 This is Kylee I got two of these. (above)

#3 This is Bruce.(looks like a cockerel to me) I got six of these.

#3 this is Sophia. I lost her sister.

4 Lucy is in the rear. She had a reddish color head that seems to be turning silver. Dorothy is in the front. She is black that has some red lacing She also has feathers on her legs. She has a black streak running across her beak.

#5 This is Goldie. She is round and has feathered legs and feet.

Please help me identify what breeds I received.

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