Help! Can you tell us what breed these are?


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Jun 15, 2009
With this being our first go at raising chickens, we went to our local farm store and bought 10 unsexed, mixed breed chickens. We know for certain 3 of them are how can you not know!
But the other 7 are a mystery to me.

Our chicks are 4 weeks old. I hope these pics are helpful. I appreciate any help anyone can give!!


(The one on the left has feathered feet. We were told perhaps an easter egg layer?)


(The white one. I tried to get closer, but she kept running away!


(A somewhat closer look at the white one and the other unknown.)

Thanks in advance!!
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The white one looks like a white plymouth rock, or it could also be a white leghorn. Looks just like my white rock though! Easter eggers don't have feathered legs, they have smooth green legs, so that's definitely not an EE!
pretty birds. Did you notice the one hanging out with the white one has no tail feathers to speak of? I've read this is a rumpless Auracana (sp) and if it's a girl she'll lay blue eggs. I could be wrong as I'm pretty new to chickens myself. The others I'm not sure, but they are pretty. Here's a friendly bump!
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The rumpless one isn't an araucana. It looks like a Rhode Island red with its tail feathers picked out. You won't get a true araucana from the feed store, and the chickens they call araucanas/ameraucanas are Easter eggers and they've got tails.

I think the white one is a leghorn. The black and white one looks a bit like a male silver-laced wyandotte, except it's got a single comb - which occasionally happens. The feather-footed one is most likely a cochin.
Wow! Thank you all for the help! I have to say I am really enjoying chicken ownership so far! My kids love them too!
I just looked up what a White Plymouth Rock chick would look like and boy does that look like ours did when she was small! It will be interesting to see what she turns out to actually be!
Actually the posters above are both wrong because it looks nothing like an aracauna or RIR. male breeds used for meat or egg production usually grow their tails later than females. Do some research because it is impossible for a pure RIR to have white in it and also aracaunas are impossible to get from hatcheries.
If they are hatchery stock then it is possible for RIR to have white in the feathers (pet quality not show quality).

The red looks like my RIR's at the same age.

The feathered feet is probably not a EE (not known for featherd feet) could be a bantam because of the size difference but you cant really tell in the picture.

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