HELP! Chicken maybe in danger of losing her life!?!

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  1. chickenlife01

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    So I just joined this website... and I need help! I have a silkie whose eyes have been pecked at and she can not open them! She's very puffed up and keeps her head hidden under her wing. She is currently in my house where she can be left alone away from the rest of the flock, but I'm worried about her because she's not interested in food/water. Can she make it without her eyes? Will she get better? I'll try to post pics later as I am not home now, but I need some help from someone who has been in a similar situation!? Please help! Thanks. :(
  2. ktkid

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    Jan 2, 2013
    The chickens might be pecking at it because it is sick, in my experience my chickens peck on other chickens because they are sick, that is just natures way of doing things sorry:(
  3. chickenlife01

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    Must have been the problem because upon checking on her I found that she had passed. :( I'm sad but happy she's not suffering. Thanks for the help, though.

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