Help diagnosing bumble foot


Oct 29, 2020
Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Hi everyone! I am a new member on BYC. I have had chickens for 3 years now. I love them. I really have had no medical issues with them (other than a splay leg on one of my chicks). My Rooster, Hayden has been limping for about a week and a half. I looked for scrapes and cuts and checked his leg for a sprain. I could not feel anything, nor did I see any scrapes or cuts. The tops of both feet look the same. His padding underneath is a little swollen on the right foot but there are no black marks that I have seen from the pictures on my searches. His feet are not warm to the touch either. He does not exhibit pain when I touch his feet. Can anyone help me diagnose this?
Is this bumblefoot in it' early stages?
hayden 3.jpg


Yippity do Da Yippity ay
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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
Welcome to Backyard Chickens feet look great bummble will have scabs on the bottom.. But watch the more swollen one ..
Good eye

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