Help! Did I kill my chick??


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Aug 17, 2019
Hi all. I am attempting to hatch eggs in the incubator for the first time. I know this is not a good time of year to order eggs through the mail, but I wanted to try anyways, so I ordered some from Florida which had to ship across the country to Ohio in 90 degree temps. The eggs were pretty dirty, but i read you aren't supposed to wash them, so i took my chances and put the eggs in the incubator. Candled on day 5, and 2 looked black inside so I threw them out after opening them and seeing they were rotten. Candled on day 11 and 2 eggs were weeping and smelled awful. Performed eggtopsies and there was only what resembled a black prune inside each egg - what I presume was a decomposed embryo. Candled on day 13, one egg had a little crusted yellow residue on the bottom, which smelled rotten and I assumed had been weeping and meant it was bad. I didn't realize the batteries in my flashlight were dying since I had been looking at brown and blue eggs which are very hard to see inside anyways. So when i candled this particular egg with the yellow crusty residue I only could see a saddle shaped air cell, no veining or anything else. So I assumed it was bad and cracked it open to find a beautiful chick with vibrant yolk and red veining. It looked like a perfectly viable chick to me and did not smell at all. So I am afriad i killed a perfectly healthy chick! The more i think about it, i am wondering if i accidently placed the egg in the same spot in the turner where i had removed a bad weeping egg the prior time i candled, so maybe the residue was from the other bad egg? I feel horrible. :( So my questions for you...

1. Could an egg weep and have some crusty residue on the outside and the chick still be healthy and survive and hatch?

2. At day 13 should the chick have been moving when i cracked it open?

3. How long would it live upon opening the egg? Is it instant death?

4. Could it have already been dead and still have such a vibrant intact circulatory system? It seems like it wouldn't look so perfect if it was already dead.

I took a picture and will try to post it.
Thank you for your help.
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Here is the poor little guy...


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With what you saw with all of the other eggs it's very possible this chick may have been dead, chicks die at all stages of developement for a variety of reasons. Pretty tough to give any rock solid answers to your questions as I don't know the answers, mostly maybe's and could be's. I've certainly had some things go wrong where I messed up during incubation and probably cost a chick it's life. It's never been intentional and I always try to learn from my mistakes. Not saying you made a mistake either, everything can be perfect in the incubator and still chicks don't make it to lockdown. I would try finding some eggs closer to home, I have had good and bad luck both on ebay but you could search hatching eggs and sort by nearest first, could be driving distance if you're lucky.

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