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Apr 10, 2016
Clarksville, TN
July 15 I noticed that one of my hens had a small white spot on the pupil of her left eye and was keeping it closed alot. I researched the crap out of it and figured it was either a injury, eye worm or respiratory issue. So I started her on terrimyicin oral antibiotics and the eye ointment. After a few days it didn't seem any better so I went and got vet rx and started dosing that too it's been a week and now the whole eye is affected like she's gone blind, there's no swelling or drainage or bubbles or any signs of respitory issues and my other chickens are fine. She's eating and moving and laying eggs still and everything. I'm reaching out hoping someone has seen this before and can tell me what it is and what to do before I have to take her to the vet. Thanks
Welcome to BYC. Sorry about your chicken. There are several reasons for eye disorders in chickens. They include vitamin A and E deficiencies, eye infections or injuries, Mareks disease, a history of AE (avian encephalomyelitis,) and cataracts. Have you ever seen Mareks disease symptoms in your flock, or unexplained deaths? Was she vaccinated for Mareks? Let us know how she gets along, and if you find out anything more.
I got this hen with a group of 3 other pullets and a roo from a breeder when they were already a couple months old a little over a year ago, they were my first chickens ever so idk if they were vaccinated, or that i even needed to ask that. The only health issues ive had with her was when she was attacked by a possum earlier this year and had her crop and throat severed! fortunately the vet was able to stitch it and she made a full recovery. She was never accepted by the other hens back in the pen so she became a "house chicken" until in May I bought 5 baby pullets from rural king and a new coop just for them. I don't know if one had pecked her eye or what but I sure hope it's not Mareks! She shows no sign of the disease so far other than an cloudy eye and it's been 2 weeks, but it's contagious and none of the other chicks have it, and i havent ever lost one that a chicken hawk didnt take. so like I said I'm really crossing my fingers that it's not!
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Hello everyone,I have a similar problem with one of my silkies.



Really any advice helps. We put ointment and eye drops. But doesn't really help.
Yours definitely looks like eye worm, look it up. They say to dose with vet rx. That's why I got it, but mine didn't look like that. I got vet rx at rural king but you can get it at coop and tractor supply too. Just research eye worm alot, and make your own decision weather to try to treat it yourself or take the baby to the vet. Good luck with it, i hope your bird pulls through! also if it is eye worm your gonna want to keep the bird away from flock,clean out coop and spray for roaches. I hope that helps and good luck! Let us know what happens
Eggcessive I have no idea, I mean I guess it could have something to do with it but her eye was fine until 2 weeks ago, I would take her to the vet again but my car is currently broke down and my boyfriend works long hours so I've been trying to fix it myself until my car gets out of the shop. Defiantly don't look like the poor silxie I'm willing to bet that poor baby has eye worm. Mine just looks blind in one eye :[

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