Help figuring out quail diagnosis


Oct 8, 2018
My 2.5 year old female coturnix quail has started lying on her side all the time. She can’t seem to put weight on her right leg. She’s able to move both legs, but she can’t walk. Vet says it’s probably either a nerve issue, abdominal mass on left side, stroke, sprain or soft tissue injury, but I can’t bring her in to check which it is because I don’t have the money. She’s a pet so I don’t want to cull her, but rather to help her. How can I figure out what’s wrong so I can help her?
I'm sorry about your quail :hugs

Unfortunately, I don't know what could be wrong. I do advise that you keep her warm, clean and happy. I wish I could help more. Please keep us posted. Wishing the best :fl
I just felt again and her knee may be swollen. The first pic is her left knee (normal) and the second is her right knee (seems swollen). If it is, what can I do? What would that mean?


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2.5 years is not a young quail. The best you can do if you can't take her to the vet is to keep her warm and make sure she's eating and drinking.

Hopefully it's an injury that will heal. :fl

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