Help! First hatch with not the best incubator, could really use the help :)


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Feb 15, 2018
Hi! Tomorrow I'm starting my hatch with my 7 egg incubator
unfortunately I found out later it isn't the best incubator but I really wanna have a successful hatch. So if you could help out I would be so grateful!
1.) the eggs are pictured standing vertical; should I place them like this or find a way to place them horizontal? Should I try to hatch all 7 at once or would I have a better chance of success only hatching a few?
Again anything will help and if you could give me any advice I would be so appreciative.

thank you!


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Jul 24, 2019
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I just hatched a bunch of eggs with a not-so-great incubator, too, and learned a lot from the experience. I had to do a lot of babysitting and tweaking and troubleshooting. Here's my hatch thread, I photographed and documented everything:

Having the eggs vertical is not a problem, but this is a bad picture showing the eggs placed wrong - pointy end up. They should be pointy end down, so the air sack is at the top.

How many eggs you put in it depends on what your access to eggs is. If you have your own and can always do another hatch, you can start with however many you want. If you're buying eggs and they're expensive, and are nervous wasting them on a bad hatch, you can start with just a few for the first hatch, and do another hatch after you've learned from the first one. This is a very small incubator though, so I would recommend placing all 7, so that in case some are infertile or don't make it, you have at least some chicks at the end. Starting with a smaller number increases your chances of ending up with a lone chick, and chicks really don't like being lonely.

Good luck!
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Aug 28, 2019
I have heard that if you save the styrofoam it comes in and place it on top they'll maintain tempature better. From what I understand it works for most all the china incubators..

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