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Aug 8, 2009
Teays Valley, West Virginia
I know what a few of these are.. but not sure about others. Can you help my sister in law find out what she has? It's part of a Meyer Hatchery Rainbow Pullet pack.

Click the thumbnail for a larger photo. I know we have an EE, a SLW and Cukoo Maran, Welsummer, GLW - anyone?

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I see 1 Black Australorp, 1 Barred Rock and 1 Splash Andalusian, and I have no idea on the others. How many do you have total?

If you want to you can look them up on the breeds page at the top of the BYC home page, or they both have good pics and descriptions.

BTW, you have some very pretty chickens:)

If the one little pullet with the muff in the middle of the 3rd and 4th pictures has feathered legs and an extra toe, she would be a Salmon Faverolle. I saw a partridge Cochin pullet, blue Andalusian ?? roo, and there is another roo but couldn't see him in the pic well enough (he's in the foreground of the 4th pic).
If there are any Roo's Meyer will be giving a refund! LOL! They were a rainbow pullet pack, she took half, I took half. I could recognize all of them but a few. Mine are big enough to tell what's what. We're not sure on I think 3 of hers.... Thanks for the help! Keep giving suggestions! :eek:)
Picture 3 surely looks like a blue andalusian cockerel.
Looks like a Barred Rock, Blue Andalusian, Australorp or Black sex link, lots of EE's. I see a feather footed partridge cochin in the last shot, far right.

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