Help Four Month Hen Won't Walk, Eat or Drink


May 3, 2015
my four month old chocolate Orpington started acting strange 3 days ago. She wasn't running around the yard with the others, just kind of walking slow and going I the barn. Then yesterday she couldn't walk and kept falling over. I brought her over and put her in one of our individual pins to see what she was doing, gave her food and water with vitamins in it. She drank some and ate a small amount that's it. Last night she started twitching her head. This morning she still is twitching and still not eating. Her poop is yellow diarrhea almost looks like egg yoke. Any ideas?

I haven't wormed her yet. I've only had her about a week and a half. I talked to the breeder and he wasn't sure what's going on. None of my other chickens seem to be acting up.

Update: Too late. She died. Don't know why.
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