Help! Hatch day going bad.


Nov 19, 2020
LA (Lower Alabama)
I’ve had a broody Barbu d’Uccle sitting on eggs and last night/today was hatch day. I left her in the coop with her flock mates. I’d read of other people doing this and saying that it helps with integration. That the chicks are born as part of the flock already. I’d also read horror stories about momma hens not taken to the babies or breaking eggs right before hatch.
Anyway I go out to the coop this morning and here peeping. I go in and find a recently hatched chick getting pecked by my other d’Uccle. I chase the bird off and see that chick appears to be deformed. Something is hanging out of its backend and the egg it hatched out of is bloody in the inside. I then notice a chick in a different nest upside down peeping for it’s life. I quickly move it back to the nest but momma wasn’t helping it get under her. I then notice at least one chick safely under mommas wing. I then see a third dead chick back by the coop entrance.
I leave to go get something to gather the deceased chick in and the deformed one that isn’t going to make it. When I get back the dead chick is gone. I had to chase my hens around the run to get it. I gather the dead chicks and clean up the egg shell and blood. The one chick is still only half under momma. My second d’Uccle won’t leave the nest alone. I finally kick her out of the coop and close the pop door.
Momma still has five eggs left to hatch and when I left this morning two living chicks. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve messed this whole thing up. Do I need to set up an emergency living area for momma and her chicks? I have a large dog kennel I used as my brooder when I first got my chicks this past spring. I could move them into that, either in my house or in the coop. Do I just leave them be? Will my other d’Uccle continue to freak out? Is she likely to hurt the other chicks? I’m really lost and not sure if I’ve even explained this well. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
If the others are coming into the nest and causing mayhem, close her in the box. She isn’t going anywhere. Piece of chicken wire in a half circle in front of box will suffice. I fear if you move her now, she will abandon the eggs still trying to hatch under her.
just temporarily? Until the chicks are up and moving? I don’t have enough space in the nest box to put food and water. An my fear is that the other d’Uccle might continue to pester the chicks. Thank you so much for your reply and help.
If you can give her enough room to come out and poo, that’d be best.
Ok. I can do that. The boxes are bigger but not so big as to have room even for a chick sized feeder and waterer. I might just pull the wire off one of my windows and move it down. I can close one window for a day. I’ve got plenty of other ventilation. Thanks again. Hopefully after a day the other d’Uccle will calm down and not bother the chicks.
I'm sorry for your loss. Definitely get momma some privacy, I second MarkJr's idea of trying to protect her where she is so she doesnt abandon the rest of the eggs. Unless that's impossible in which case I guess moving them carefully or kicking all the other birds out of the coop is your next best option.

For next time, my understanding of leaving them with the flock to help with integration is more like leaving them in a dog crate in the coop where the rest of the flock can see them but not interfere.

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