HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!! My hen is sick and i don't know what to do!!!

Flock Runner

9 Years
Nov 27, 2011
one of my hens is really sick. she went missing for three days and i thought she had been eaten or something. she did come back, but she's sick. she's sneezing a lot, having a hard time breathing, being lethargic, and has yellowish green diarea. does this sound like anthing in particular? can it be cured? and most of all, is it contageous? i really really REALLY don't want to ave to cull her. she's only a year old and a real sweat heart.

Just read on another site that says to isolate the bird and my need to destroy bird. Symptoms you list is what site says is deadly .
I'm no expert by any means just trying to help you out by checking other sites.
Instead of waiting for people to get off work and login, put your symptoms in the Search bar at the top and see what comes up. You may find your answer or at least be able to narrow it down...educate yourself so that when someone is able to read your post you'll have a better idea what you need to ask.

i have been searching in books and online like crazy but sadly, i've found too little too late. she died about an hour ago. i had no idea that it was that bad. it may have been pneumonia or maybe something else but i hope it doesn't affect my other birds.
I'm so sorry ... unfortunately once they show symptoms, it's often already VERY serious. Have you thought of having a necropsy done?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Clean and sanitize your coop with bleach. That is probably the best you can do for now. Make sure you clean feeders and waterers also with bleach. Boost your others with some vitamins and probiotics.

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