HELP he's got a broken Leg.


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Jun 13, 2009
Diamond, Ohio
I went to Lock up all my silkies and I have a baby that is about 1 week old, my black silkie hatched him out and it looks like his little leg is broken. I have no clue what do to. I gave him some Poultry Nutri Drench, he's chirping like he's in a lot of pain. OH MY God, the poor little thing.. Do I put a cast on it??? Have never had a broken leg before. Leg problems yes but never one that has been actually broken..
Is the leg deformed and thats how you know its broke? Or can you feel the bone moving if you touch it? Is he using the leg at all?
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oh boy oh boy, this a tough one, the risk for infection is great with that kind of injury, if it were me I would cull but if you want to try and save the chick that is your choice. But I don't have answer on how to fix that kind of break I'm sorry
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